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Smart City

Hiperdist's Smart City solutions allow a personalised approach to issues such as Information Capture, Data Analytics, Information Dissemination, Public Safety and Traffic Congestion.

Information Capture

Globally, many cities face challenges in transportation, security and inefficient resources due to the lack of tools monitoring real time information.

Hiperdist Solution
Internet of Things (IoT):

IoT provides limitless opportunities for cities to capture information in real time and improve on service delivery. Using IoT devices, cities are able to mount sensors on different locations to monitor conditions in real time.

With all this information collected local government will be able to make informed decisions.

Benefits of the Solution
IoT devices enable cities to:
  • Energy management: To reduce energy wastage in street lighting of the city.
  • Water Management -Water leaks can be easily detected and corrected
  • Transport management – Real time traffic maps can be obtained to enable smooth flow.
  • Noise and Pollution management: To detect levels of pollution and noise

Data Analytics

Despite the vast amounts of data generated in cities, local governments are unable to leverage and analyse information to provide better service delivery.

Hiperdist Solution
Big Data Analytics:

Analytics enable local government to harvest and store data from multiple sources; Social media, Web, Mobile phones and IoT. With access to multiple sources of information, informed decisions can be made quickly.

Benefits of the Solution
Big Data Analytics enable cities to:
  • Information aggregation: City governments can aggregate data from multiple sources.
  • Intelligent insights: Analytics provide intelligent insights that can improve how they deliver services and respond to emergencies, all to improve the quality of urban life.
  • Planning and prediction: Using Big Data analytics cities can be able to anticipate future requirements and plan accordingly

Information Dissemination

There is a lack of effective options in which local government are able to share information with citizens and vice-versa to improve urban life.

Hiperdist Solution
PaaS Cloud:

Mobile and Web represents multiple channels for cities to disseminate information to citizens. Using Cloud makes it possible for cities to create communication tools without investments in datacenters.

Benefits of the Solution
Leverage PaaS Cloud for:
  • Easier government to citizen interactions: Citizens can use mobile and web to interact with city governments.
  • Faster resolution of issues: Citizens are able to share complain and sentiments with city governments and they are addressed faster.
  • Reduced Capex: The mobile and web tools are hosted on the cloud and hence reduced capital expenditure by city governments.

Public Safety

Crime is on the rise in many cities globally. This is made worse by the lack of real time visibility authorities have, impacting their response time to address crime.

Hiperdist Solution
CCTV Video Analysis:

CCTV is widely used across many cities to protect citizens and monitor crime. However investments have not always been made to analyse the data captured through CCTV.

This solution provides video analysis to help pin point where protential crime may occur. It gives the opportunity to stay one step ahead.

Benefits of the Solution
CCTV Video Analysis offers:
  • Better security: with real time security monitoring, security agents are able to reduce crime rate
  • Faster response to incidences: with video and big data analysis, monitoring centers are able to pin point security incidences and notify nearest security agents.
  • Security analytics: enable city authorities to detect areas of increased crime, which will gave them the opportunity to act more deliberately and deploy officers more intelligently

Traffic Congestion

Citizens spend many hours commuting from A to B due to traffic congestion due to poor infrastructure.

Hiperdist Solution
Smart Transport System:

A smart transport solution combines cameras, traffic sensors, applications and network infrastructure. Data collected is stored in specialised Big Data platforms. Using this information traffic is controlled intelligently and based on information.

Traffic managers are able to detect traffic incidences in real time and thus able to avert potential traffic bottlenecks.

Benefits of the Solution
Eliminating distance as a barrier:
  • Incident management: Automated incident detection and quicker responses
  • Decision making Better-informed operational decision making
  • Planning and resource allocation: Improved planning and resource allocation
  • Emergency response: Greater collaboration among response agencies
  • Better urban life: Less congestion, reducing frustration and fuel costs
  • Less pollution and other environmental impacts: Less time is wasted in traffic and car carbon emissions