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Public Sector

Public Sector organisations often benefit from solutions focused on their specific challenges. These challenges include: Business Process Automation, Documents Management, Decreasing Maintenance Costs, Reporting and Analysis and Human Capital Management.

Business Process Automation

Public organisations require a single source of truth to support their business functions as most struggle with disparate legacy systems that are siloed.

This calls for a system that is able to bring all data together and deliver to business users in a seamless manner.

Hiperdist Solution
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

An ERP Cloud offering is a comprehensive, insight-driven digital platform with the ability to tailor towards specific business needs. ERP Cloud brings all the business operations data together to deliver a seamless functional approach to data management.

Using a single source of truth from all lines of business you will received a 360 degree view of the business with actionable insights to improve service delivery and operational efficiencies.

Benefits of the Solution
Streamlined and controlled financial and operational processes:
  • Simplify: Streamline your financial business processes and technology requirements
  • Accelerate: Increase your decision making with real-time information access
  • Collaborate: Work with others using social business objects
  • Control: Curb your costs with increased productivity

Documents Management

Public organisations need to store various document types, monitor who is viewing documents with timestamps as well as version controls. This creates a need for a modern solution with mobile capabilities.

Hiperdist Solution
Document Management Cloud Service:

An enterprise level collaboration platform available in the Cloud connecting people and information. Offering robust security and integration options, while at the same time focusing on easy-to-use collaboration optimised for social and mobile use.

Enterprise class encryption, multi-tenant architecture, detailed analytics and auditing keeps your information safe. This is in addition to managing permission controls, secure links and automatic backups.

Benefits of the Solution
Efficient, accessible and secured document management offering:
  • Continual access to documents and files
  • Integration with MS Office
  • Social Collaboration
  • Mobile Optimized Experience
  • Application Extensions

Decreasing Infrastructure Maintenance Costs

The complexity and cost associated with managing diverse system environments could become a real bottleneck for mid-sized to enterprise organisations.

This creates the need for a modern infrastructure management system that covers all tiers of the the infrastructure landscape.

Hiperdist Solution
Enterprise Manager:

Provides comprehensive management solutions to help you streamline IT operations with plug-ins for operating systems, hosts, databases, middleware and security.

This is in addition to plug-ins for the network, servers, and storage. It also provides bi-directional connectors for popular management frameworks including IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, and Microsoft MOM, as well as connectors for popular service desks including BMC Remedy.

Benefits of the Solution
Increased infrastructure management efficiency:
  • Enables organisations to run any workload at any time
  • Innovative migration tools pave the way by simplifying how organisations migrate on premises workloads to the cloud.
  • Businesses can reduce costs, optimise IT resources, and streamline processes.

Reporting & Analysis

The need to aggregate data from data sources that are often found in disparate data silos, calls for a solution that can fetch data from various data sources and deliver to business users based on defined policies.

Hiperdist Solution
Business Intelligence Cloud Service:

A comprehensive platform with advanced analytics and operational analysis brings together visual analytics, self-service discovery and easy access to diverse data sources and more.

This is presented in a single comprehensive platform that is easy to use and manage.

Benefits of the Solution
Providing On-Time Actionable Insight:
  • On-time actionable reporting both operational and analytical
  • Improved decision-making that impacts citizen services directly
  • Integrated dashboards provide a clear picture of leading indicators of service requirements
  • Improve the government’s decision-making ability by ensuring that the data is accurate and complete

Human Capital Management

Public Service still remains the biggest employer of labor and that comes with the great need to have a modern system that can provide modern capabilities to effectively manage todays workforce.

Hiperdist Solution
Human Capital Management System:

HCM is built with a common technology framework that provides standards for integration, security, social, analytics and mobile. It has a shared architecture and master data that drives standardisation.

It enables organisations to proactively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.

Benefits of the Solution
Improved employee management and productivity:
  • Streamlines and automates daily record-keeping processes and provides a framework for HR staff to manage benefits, administration and payroll
  • Map out succession planning and document such things as personnel actions and compliance with industry and/or government regulations
  • Integrated talent-management features
  • Improved quality of decision making
  • Improved planning and forecasting
  • Increased speed of decision making