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Oil & Gas

Poor Business Visibility, Asset Monitoring Inabilities, General Business Inefficiencies, Collaboration Difficulties and Poor Project Execution are obstacles which can easily be negated with Hiperdist's bespoke solutions.

Poor Business Visibility

With the current worldwide instability within this industry, companies need to be nimble by making timely decisions based accurate data insights across their business.

Hiperdist Solution
Business Intelligence and Analytics:

Providing accurate business insights in easy to use graphical formats. Customisable and ad-hoc reports can be generated instantly giving a 360 degree view across all aspects of the business.

The solution derives data from heterogeneous sources ranging from business systems to field and SCADA systems.

Benefits of the Solution
Maximum insights across the business:
  • Access ad-hoc reports and intuitive & interactive dashboards
  • Enable managers to take well informed decisions at any point in time
  • Make extrapolations and predictions with the available data

Asset Monitoring Inabilities

The management of valuable assets via proactive maintenance maximising the utilisation of pipelines, rigs and storage tanks in challenging territories avoiding high repair bills.

Hiperdist Solution
Enterprise Asset Management:

When a world-class EAM is deployed by Oil & Gas firms, proactive maintenance is essential to allow firms to maximize the lifespan of their assets.

Leakages, vandalisations, and dangers are easily identified with notifications being sent to asset managers for their immediate attention.

Benefits of the Solution
Asset Optimisation & Maintenance Cost Reduction:
  • Facilitates Proactive Asset Maintenance
  • Extends Lifespan of Assets
  • Eliminate avoidable Asset Repairs
  • Reduce Turn-Around-Time for Unavoidable Repairs via planning and early problems identification

General Business Inefficiencies

Firms need to become efficient in their business process, maximizing the utilisation of human assets to sales and procurement in order to eliminate waste.

Hiperdist Solution
Enterprise Resource Planning:

With a Business Automation Suite that covers Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain, your End-Users are able to create an efficient working environment.

Utilising a single source of data and the use of application driven processes leads to zero or near zero usage of manual and paper based systems.

Benefits of the Solution
Automated Business Processes:
  • Streamline business operations
  • Centralize operations
  • Boost business agility
  • Eliminate wastages

Collaboration Difficulties

For firms operating in different locations, both on and offshore, the need for managers to collaborate in real time to make crucial decisions often occurs.

Hiperdist Solution

The deployment of collaboration solutions solves the problem of meetings involving personnel based around varied locations. The engagement level of personnel during meetings is greatly enhanced thus providing richer context and content.

Benefits of the Solution
Instant Real Time Interactivity:
  • Instant reduction in travel costs and time allocated to attending meetings
  • Richer quality of meetings delivered through video conferencing
  • Better derived value and deliberation results as a result of higher interactivity

Poor Project Execution

A common reason for project failures can be poor management. Projects involving not-easily-sourced, expensive materials and equipment require tools to ensure timely implementation and installations.

Hiperdist Solution
Project Management Application:

Firms using this solution are able to use a central repository for the capture of all details relating to project executions. With this, all projects can be tracked and managed across all locations, be it on or off shore.

All concerns and potential risks are anticipated and mitigated by relevant stakeholders.

Benefits of the Solution
Better Managed Enterprise Projects:
  • A true picture of each project is seen at all times from a central source of information
  • Provides clear project visibility
  • Firms are able to plan, manage and execute projects in time and within budget
  • Simple management interfaces for the deployment and management of complex enterprise projects