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Explore Hiperdist's solutions designed for the Hospitality Industry, including Fast Reliable Wi-Fi, Hotel Management Systems, Guest Experience Enhancements, Creating New Revenue Streams and Reducing Operating Costs.

Fast Reliable Wi-Fi

Hospitality venues are under preasure to deliver a seamless Wi-Fi experience for their guests whilst providing them with online self-services tools.

Hiperdist Solution
Secure and Reliable Wi-Fi:

Providing solutions that make guest onboarding simple, seamless and secure. Leverage the new Wireless Wave 2 standards to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi.

Consistent, fast and reliable wireless access help guests to feel at home, enabling them to use their mobile devices throughout their stay.

Benefits of the Solution
Streamlined and Controlled Financial and Operational Processes:
  • Simplify: Streamline your financial business processes and technology requirements
  • Accelerate: Increase your decision making with real-time information access
  • Collaborate: Work with others using social business objects
  • Control: Curb your costs with increased productivity

Hotel Management System

Businesses need to track the consuption of services by guests and connect this information to operational and financial processes.

Hiperdist Solution
Cloud Management System:

Leverage a Cloud platform that is secure, scalable, and mobile-enabled offering comprehensive capabilities hotels need to effectively manage rates and allocation of rooms to various distribution channels.

It is therefore one system, which allows hotels to manage everything from stock control to revenue protection much more easily.

Benefits of the Solution
Effectively Manage Hotel Processes:
  • Intuitive user interface, offering comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management.
  • Deliver exceptional guest experiences
  • Maximize revenues with rate management
  • Increase housekeeping efficiency
  • Maximize bookings and easily manage reservations

Enhance Guest Experience

Customer experience is the number one criteria that travellers use to select hotels, far outweighing price and location.

Hiperdist Solution
Customer Engagement:

Offer guests the ability to seamlessly use their smartphone on a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Provide the opportunity to browse social media, access hotel loyalty programs, check in and out, select their room and make extra requests or purchases all from their smartphones.

Benefits of the Solution
Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty:
  • Real time and historical analytics of the aggregate movement patterns of your customers
  • Creating lasting memories thereby increasing loyalty

New Revenue Streams

In addition to traditional revenue streams from rooms and catering, many hotel’s must identify new innovative ways to make use of technology to increase income.

Hiperdist Solution
Smart Wi-Fi:

This may include having tiered Wi-Fi pricing and location-based advertising that can be used to send personalised promotional messages to up-sell and cross-sell.

This is in addition to audio-visual and digital facilities for video conferencing and digital signage.

Benefits of the Solution
Generating New Revenue Streams:
  • Tiered wifi pricing can help in offsetting bandwidth costs
  • Increase sales by providing targeted location-based marketing
  • Enhancing guest experience

Reduce Operating Costs

Technology presents the opportunity for the hospitality industry to change how hotel developers plan buildings and the internal infrastructure.

Hiperdist Solution
Network Powered Lighting:

Hotels can reduce energy costs by utilising technology to manage their lighting. The efficiency of bulbs and lighting across a hotel can be almost 10 times more than incandescent lighting. Over time this will reduce costs.

Benefits of the Solution
Reducing Operating Costs:
  • Lower Energy and Electricity Costs
  • More Efficient use of Resources
  • Automated environmental changes