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We Supply The Future

At Hiperdist, we understand that our customers are the backbone of our business, and we are committed to earning their loyalty for the long term.

Where talent meets expertise.

We are committed to being the catalyst of technological growth across the region. We ensure to act as responsible business leaders for our people, our clients and the communities we call home.

We go where our customers go.

CIS prioritizes the growth of its presence in every part of Africa and the Middle-East. With the tools to provide surfaces across the continent with flexibility and agility, we strive to always be there for our clients and partners.

Information Technology Meeting in front of a screen of ITOM

Creating value together.

We believe in the future and sharing our knowledge with the world. As a thought-driven Leader, CIS strives to share its insights and perspectives to shape the technology landscape toward transparency, expertise, and innovation in Africa and the Middle-East.

Reach Out

Where others see challenges, we see opportunities.

As part of our goals to help communities around the region, CIS prioritizes its goals towards sustainability, education, and a commitment to bettering the technology industry and society as a whole.



  • Establishment of CIS (Computer  Information Systems) in Lebanon


  • Appointment of CIS as the exclusive HP representative in Lebanon


  • Launch CIS Integration activity in Africa (10 countries)
  • Establishment of Value-Added Distribution (VAD) as a standalone activity under HIPERDIST covering Africa and the Levant
  • Set up regional logistic centers in France and in South Africa


  • Ramp-up CIS Integration activity in Africa ( 12 more countries)
  • Establish VAD local offices in 11 countries
  • Set up regional logistic center in UAE


  • Establishment of HIPERDIST-UK as a regional VAD
  • Establishment of local VAD offices in 5 countries


  • Expand VAD coverage to the Gulf (2 countries)
  • Establish a Printing pole in Africa and Levant
  • Establish a Software Pole in 5 African Countries


  • Ramp-up VAD presence in Africa  (5 countries)


  • Create CIS Group Holding in Luxembourg
  • Create 3 affiliated hubs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Expand VAD presence in 2 Gulf countries
  • Expand Software pole in 2 Gulf Countries

Our Timeline.

Seasoned Sales, Presales and Support Engineers holding a wealth of certifications from the Vendors are always ready to study the needs of the customers, deliver the adequate products, install them and insure the after sales support.

Services: Expertise across Service Providing

2000 Certifications enabling seamless integration of a combination of technology and comprehensive solutions regardless of the industry.
Front End Devices

High-Value Creator

A continuous training system keeps our teams constantly updated on the newest technologies and offers our customers the highest level of technical expertise.

CIS has more than 623 professionals and engineers who hold over 2000 certifications from our Strategic Partners & Alliances.

Information Technology Meeting in front of a screen of ITOM


  • Logistical support of 4 regional centers across Europe and Africa Levant
  • Focused marketing and sales activities

Geographic Coverage

  • 40 entities across Africa, Levant, and Europe
  • Commitment to Quality